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Days when handbags were used just as storage for umbrellas, documents and wallets are long gone. Nowadays women have keen eyes on handbags and usually consider them a great part of their fashion and beauty accessories. Women have different bags to be used in different occasion like going to the gym, office shopping and parties. Most women are so obsessed with handbags that they buy hundreds of the in different colors and designs. Bags can be used in creating a fashion statement. Your handbags can be simple but stylish to represent a women’s personality.

What to put in mind when choosing handbags

The right type

To be recognised as somebody with the classiest handbag collection, then you will have to invest in the bag that is right. Luxury bags often cost much money thus it is equally important that you get your choice right. This will effectively attenuate your style and personality as well. Talking about the right bags bring the material to your mind. No material is as classy and elegant as leather for bags. Go for the high quality bags made of leather which you can carry for a long time.

Neutral colors

Despite the fact that dazzling red and orange color seem great on most global fashion icon, when buying your first handbags go for neutral colors. Colors like beige, white, grey and black are the best when choosing designer bags. These are colors that you can team up with any attire and still have a great look.


Most leather bags in stores tend to look simple yet sophisticated in a way. Usually they have their logos printed in manner not too dominant. Besides they have very minimal designs or even none at all. Follow this pattern when buying your bags. Bags with lots of colors, logos, bling or letters are considered sub-standard. Avoid these types at all costs.

Carry in style

There is no fun in your luxury handbag if you cannot wear it the right way. Learn to always carry off your handbags sdfghgfdfghhgdfghjjhfhjgjkgjhghjgjwith elegance and style. Cross body, one shoulder, hand-held, backpack and one-shoulder are some of the styles for carrying your bags. The style you use should be effortless and comfortable for you. Style and confidence will definitely add charm to your classy bag.

Handbags are a symbol of sophistication and style and should be chosen well to match your attire and add elegance to a woman.

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If you are searching for different types of women’s boots, the most important thing to consider is what type of boot you are looking for regarding shaft height. You may prefer one height for all of your boots or may want a selection of each type to wear them with anything and everything in your wardrobe.

Guide to wearing boots

Ankle bootankle bootssdfghbvc

A very versatile and comfy choice is the ankle boot. Ankle boots usually look best worn with longer pants that cover the top of the boot. This gives the appearance of wearing a taller boot but has the comfort of wearing a shoe, hence perfect for warmer weather. Ankle boots also look great with skirts and short shorts, if you are leggy enough to pull this look off. This look will showcase your beautiful legs.

Thigh boot

There is also the thigh boot, which has more limited options and probably would not see much daily use but could be worn for special occasions or with particular outfits. Generally speaking, they are too sexy to wear to work for most careers, such as office work. These boots are best worn for a date night or out dancing. This type of boot is good with taller people, as they would be too much for a shorter leg.

Knee length boot

Knee length boots are another choice but are most attractive on longer legs. Shorter legs can look very short with knee length boots, and this type of boot may not even fit well on a short person if it starts bunching at the knee. They are very slimming to the legs and create a sexy and elongated look on your long legs. These work well with short dresses and skirts and can be worn tucked into skinny jeans or leggings.

Mid-calf boots

Mid-calf boots are another very versatile choice, and these look great with mini skirts, longer skirts, boho dresses, and of course jeans. When pairing them with shorts or miniskirts, be advised that they may make short legs appear rightqwertyujhgfdsaeven shorter. With a longer skirt or dress covering the top of the boots, this will not be as noticeable. With jeans, these boots can be worn with the jeans tucked in. If you are going to tuck your jeans in, it’s, of course, easiest with skinny or straight leg jeans. You can also try leggings which are thinner than most jeans and easier to tuck in.

Whichever kind of boots you buy, think about what they will look best in your wardrobe, how much use you will get out of them, and if they are the right style for your body type. Be honest with yourself because there are so many gorgeous pairs from which to choose.